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The Lyme Disease Digital Library, or “Lymebrary,” is a product of the STOP LYME project of Nahant Public Library. We are committed to maintaining a digital repository of quality information on Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, and we are willing to employ multiple methods to provide this information to you. Other STOP LYME projects included providing ebooks to Massachusetts residents through Axis 360; providing a STOP LYME Handbook to 132 libraries across Massachusetts; and conducting a public forum on April 23, 2017 on tick-borne diseases.

The Lymebrary is an online, searchable database of links to Internet pages and online documents. Type search terms in the search box above, or explore the Browse Topics or Browse Genres pages.

You can read more on the About Us page. The Lyme Disease Digital Library blog will periodically update you with news on tick-borne disease research and tips on using the Lymebrary.

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Disclaimer: The Lyme Disease Digital Library provides this material to you for your information only. It is not comprehensive, nor is it to be considered medical advice. The library staff is not qualified to diagnose illness or recommend treatment. Please consult with your licensed healthcare professional for specific situations.


Last update: March 17, 2017