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The Lymebrary has a lot of materials that you can borrow or link to. We only ask that you not copy or distribute more than just a brief quote to others, as we would like to honor the publishers’ copyrights. Not only is it the law, but it is an incentive for researchers and journals to keep publishing.

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Example Topic Terms (copy and paste into the keyword search box)



ACA acorn Anaplasma anaplasmosis andersonii anti-trust antibiotics antibody anxiety aphasia arthritis autism autoimmune

Babesia babesiosis Bartonella bartonellosis behavior biology bissettii blood Borrelia borreliosis bovis brain burgdorferi

CAM Canada cancer CDC ceftriaxone CFS chemistry children chipmunk chronic cognitive coinfection Connecticut coxiella CSF culture

deer depression diagnosis digestion disability disseminated divergens DNA dog doxycycline


ear Ehrlichia ehrlichiosis ELISA encephalitis encephalopathy erythema epidemiology etiology Europe exercise eye

face fatigue fibromyalgia fly foot

garinii gene glutathione government guidelines

habitat heart henselae history hypochondria


identification IDSA ILADS imaging immune immunity Indiana insurance IV Ixodes

japonica knee

Leptospira literacy Lyme Lymerix Lyrica


Maine map Massachusetts meningitis microti mosquito mouse MRI myelopathy

neuroborreliosis neuropathy NIAID NIH New Jersey New York

orientia overview

pain palsy Parkinson patent patient PCR Pennsylvania persistence phagocytophilum plasmids pregnancy prevention protein psychiatry



quintana Quintiles

rash rat records relapse removal request ricinus Rickettsia risk RLS

Rocky Mountain spotted fever rocephin

scapularis school sensitivity sign sinica skin speech spider spinal spirochete statistics supplements surveillance symptom syndrome syphilis

tanukii test thyroid tick TMJ toxin transmission treatment Treponema turdi



United States vaccine valaisiana vinsonii vitamin

walk Western blot Wisconsin Yale

Last update: September 9, 2008